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Foreign Electricity
Because electric current in most overseas countries is 200v, travelers taking North American 110v appliances must also take a step-down converter or transformer.

Buy Travel Books
Travel books are a great resource to learn about the most interesting places, best restaurants, places to stay and hundreds of insights about your destination.

Bring a Dictionary
Carry a language translation dictionary with you. You'll find it useful.

Family, Friends and Relatives
Before leaving on a trip, make sure to give all travel information to your family and close friends. If anything should happen while travelling, several people will know where you are and have a better chance of reaching you in an emergency.

Do you have a valid Visa?
Renew your visa before departing.

Native Phrases
Learn a few essential terms in the native language of the country you are visiting. The effort is usually appreciated.

Identify Luggage
Place photocopies of your identification in your luggage to help your airline or cruise ship to return it if lost while travelling.

It's okay to lock your luggage again.
See our TSA-approved locks. They allow inspectors to open luggage and relock it. Some locks even tell you that they have been opened.

Photocopy Identifying Documents
Photocopy all documents and cards and store them in a secret place in your suitcase. If your wallet is ever stolen, you will know exactly what you have lost and will have telephone numbers to call to cancel credit cards.

Scan Identifying Documents
Instead of photocopying your important documents and carrying them with you, scan them and email them to your email account as attachments. Use a free Web-based e-mail such as Hotmail or Yahoo! that can be accessed from anywhere in the world.

Rent a Wireless Phone
Rent a GSM (Global System for Mobiles) wireless phone before you leave your country. One number works in over 92 countries worldwide.

Convert Cash
Convert some of your cash to the currency of the country you are visiting before departure to get a more favorable exchange rate.

Passport Expiration
Make sure your passport does not expire within six months of your travel date as many countries insist your passport be valid for six months to a year. Make a copy in case you lose it.

Renting a Car?
Get an international driver's license as many car rental services will require it. Reserve your car rental and arrange for collection in your arrival airport.

Confirm Reservations
Be sure your airline tickets and hotel reservations are confirmed to avoid surprises.


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